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Our research and experience show that the best hires are made through referrals from existing relationships.

Referrals are most effective because they minimize unqualified applicants unlike the traditional “inbound” recruiting methods most commonly used today. Jobhuk leverages the referral recruitment method but takes it a step further – leveraging referral networks all around the world all working for the employer to source candidates for open positions. Jobhuk’s marketplace enables reputable recruiters, staffing agencies, and everyday people to make referrals to employers and get paid meaningful commissions.

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Hottest Positions Location Referral amount

Tow truck driver wanted


United States

East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD

$1,400 refer

Python/Django Developer


United States

Austin, TX

$3,400 refer

Test Analyst with Selenium


United States

Austin, TX

$7,500 refer

Lead Business Intelligence / Business Objects (BOBJ) Architect

Daman, Inc

United States

San Antonio, TX

$10,400 refer

Data Entry

Maye Consruction

New York

$5,800 refer

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